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Which sex machines is the best?

Regularly we get e-mails and phone calls from customers who feel uncertain on buying a "fucking machine" and which ask for advice, because they are irritated of advertising campaigns from other providers. Perhaps we will answer your questions below.

HS Systeme develops and manufactures various sex machines for HER and HIM, in the meantime 8 different models in different versions state-of-the-art standard, since the late 1990s. At the beginning more or less alone represented on the European market with this type of sex machines, over the years numerous other manufacturers offer their products in the web. In addition to Chinese battery-powered low-cost models, other manufacturers are trying to establish their machines on the market in a similar case-type and with similar functions to those of the Magic Motion machines of HS Systeme and they advertise with the distinction "test winner" by a "reputable, independent sex toys tester". Such statements - and we are often asked about it - confuse the customer, because it is not a recognized tester of goods and therefore also the attributes "famous" and "independently" do not apply. Moreover, the tester has compared machines whose functions are not comparable with the machine of the "test winner", machines which are no longer produces since years or machines which are not unlicensed in Germany. When choosing your machine you should make sure that the fucking machine - whether "test winner" or not, whether produced in Germany or abroad, has a WEEE Number (Used Electronic Appliances Register). Only these machines are allowed in Germany. Likewise, it should be ensured that it is pointed out in the product description that the machine is RFI suppressed (electromagnetic compatibility). In most of the machines this is not the case. This may have the consequence that your neighbour will have interferences in form of noise while watching TV or listening to the radio when you use your machine. To this, we refer to our quality assurance (see rubric “Quality Assurance).

A lot of customers had already informed us that they purchased such products, dissatisfied with this and are now afraid spending money on a new sex machine again. Therefore, such advertising statements harm the producers, which make honest advertising and to offer high-quality goods to it’s customers. Therefore HS Systeme or its distribution partner since 2001 presents the Magic Motion machines on the world greatest erotic fair "Venus" in Berlin, so that the customer can make itself a picture of the features and the quality. Many TV channels and also the writing guild have already reported several times about the Magic Motion machines, video productions were filmed with our equipment.

Due to the large number of different models from own development and production as well as due our high-quality components from German manufacturers, we have customers from all over the world in the meantime, which appreciate really products "Made in Germany" (and not only mounted in Germany). THIS is OUR reference.

Therefore we recommend to check the details of the machine you are interested for very carefully und read also the small print in the description. E.g. we advised against battery-powered products. Indeed you can buy such machines in good terms and it seems that they are more flexible and handier. But this machines can definitively not generate the power for what a sex machine is made for. Don't let yourself even be influenced by any advertising slogans. Review what you expect from your future sex machine and then compare the machines of the different manufacturer. Look to recommendation, references, presentations on fairs etc.

We want our customers to have fun for a long time and we are always happy when we were recommended or get a message from customers after one year, how satisfied they are with their Magic Motion machine.

We hope that we could give you some tips and information which are helpful for your decision. Otherwise we gladly answer your questions by phone or e-mail.

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.