Time of delivery / shipping cost

Transportation costs
Delivery of the goods is by DHL. The transportation costs depends from the weight of the delivery and the country of the delivery. In case of delivery by COD (only possible in Germany) the customer has to pay for this an additional fee of 6,90 Euro (including 2 Euro bank fee for transfer). The transportation costs will be shown in the order process before sending the order. In our overview at the end of this page you can see the transportation cost for the country of delivery corresponding to the current tariff. Please note that you possibly have to pay for taxes and dues (customs, import VAT) in case of an export to countries outside EU.

All products are sufficiently packed with bubble in a stable cardboard. Of course, the package is absolutely neutral without any advertising.

Time of delivery
As manufacturer of the Magic Motion machines we assure an appropriate storage, so that your order will be processed immediately. The delivery time of each product you can see in the product description. Unless you have registered as a customer in our store, you can check the status of your order with your login data. Once the delivery has been sent, you can see the tracking number in your account. You will also be informed by e-mail. In our overview  "Delivery time" you can see the time of delivery for your country as well as some information for calculation of the delivery date.

Alternative address for delivery / pick up station ("Packstation") / post office
Only possible in Germany. We deliver your goods also to an alternative delivery address (except COD orders), to a pick up station (more info here) or a post office.

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.


Calculation Total price
to 10,00 KG EUR 6,90
from 10,00 to 23,00 KG EUR 9,90
from 23,00 to 31,50 KG EUR 14,90
from 31,50 to 50,00 KG EUR 24,50
from 50,00 to 9.999,00 KG EUR 0,00
from 9.999,00 KG - No Shipping -


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