Magic Motion Steamhammer Edition with MC/RC Controller
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The strongest "hammer" of the Magic Motion machines.

This model was developed especially for extreme and commercial using. The high weight of 30 kg assures a very high stableness. The sex machine Magic Motion "Steamhammer" is outfitted with a linear carriage guide and an extremely powerful motor for using very big and very heavy cocks. The machine can equipped with up to 4 cocks on each side (for anal and vaginal using) with no loss of power. The thrust deep is adjustable to 6, 8 or 10 cm with maximum 3 - 4 thrust per second.

The perfect sex machine for extreme and commercial using or for clubs !

By the electronic hand controller a level regulation is possible also during using the machine (see our video presentation).

The Magic Motion "Steamhammer" is equipped with the same sophisticated and reliable phase shift technology for an optimal power also in lower thrust range like all other Magic Motion models. Regulation occurs by the wireless MC/RC Controller manual stepless from 0 to 100 % or by automatic generated random programs in different modes. Select "your program", close your eyes and and leave the direction the wireless MC/RC Controller (for details to all functions of the controller see "Information to MC/RC machines). The turbo button gives you the ultimate kick to promptly 100 % power.

You can use all replaceable cocks we offer in our online shop as well as the Vac-U-Lock system so that you can also use own cocks.

The set Magic Motion "Steamhammer Edition" includes:
Very heavy and stable tower style, coated with luxurious synthetic leather
- Wireless Magic Motion MC/RC Controller with random generator and turbo key
- Hand control for vertical adjustment
- Vac-U-Lock adapter (single)
- Realistic cock 18 x 4,5 cm (Vac-U-Lock system)
- Cock 24 x 6 cm
- Lubricant 50 ml
- RFI suppressed

High: 112 cm, depth: 36 cm
Thrust high of the cock: minimum 34 cm/maximum 90 cm above the ground

ca. 30 kg (delivery in two parcels)

The noise level, measured at ca. 200 thrusts/minute in average is at 52 decibel (distance to the machine 50 cm). The normal low volume is ca. 60 - 75 decibel.

Item number: 0820_mc

The Steamhammer in action
Double dildo means double fun
The fleshlight on the Steamhammer
Sylvie, the blowjob head is also available
fisting hand
360° view

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.