Magic Motion Sensation Men Power Standard with cable hand control
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The ultimate masturbation machine for men with additional Vibration Power

Magic Motion "Sensation Men Power", the first really masturbation system with additional integrable thrust unit.

This version of the Magic Motion series offers in addition to the possibilities, which the machine already enables, the connection (jack plug) of up to 3 vibro sex toys, which can be regulated separately and independent from each other. The power supply will be effected by the machine. Herewith a more intensive vibration than with batteries will be generated. Indulge yourself with a Fleshlight or a masturbation hand in addition with a prostata vibrator, a penis vibrator and/or nipple clips, ball clips etc. (not included in the set, see "accessories for the Sensation"). The penis, the balls, the nipples and the prostata will be stimulated with an extremely strong vibration at once. Powerful and unique orgasm are unavoidable with this manifold and intensive stimulation. All sex toy (up to 4 components) can be regulated separately in its intensity.

Up to 3 thrust units can be mounted which can used individual by 2 or 3 persons at once (for this a fucking machine adapter is necessary - not included in the set). All our replaceable cocks are fitting. With the Magic Motion "Sensation Men Power" you can use also masturbator, cock rings, leather belts or the absolute realistic blowjob head "Sylvie Noelle" as well as fucking machine units (see "accessories for Sensation").

This sex machine is designed for using our sex toys as well as a large selection of customary sex toy with the adapter of the set. By the carriage guide the toys can be stepless adapted in height for perfect fitting so that you can experience optimal satisfaction in sitting, standing or lying. By the powerful propulsion technology of the machine also a slowly anal penetration is possible without problems. The thrust deep is 8 cm with maximum 4 thrusts per second.

The Magic Motion "Sensation Men Power" is equipped with the same sophisticated and reliable phase shift technology for an optimal power also in lower thrust range like all other Magic Motion models. Regulation occurs by a manual hand controller stepless from 0 to 100 %. The turbo button gives you the ultimate kick to promptly 100 % power.

The set Magic Motion "Sensation Men Power Standard" includes:
Heavy construction with carriage guide and sockets for 3 vibro sex toys, coated with luxurious synthetic leather
- Hand controller with turbo key
- Fleshlight masturbator "Vagina"
- Hand masturbator with additional vibration
- Adapter for different sex toys (e.g. Ona Cup - not included in the set)
- Lubricant 50 ml
- Thrust deep 8 cm
- RFI suppressed

Length 25,5/16 cm, high 37 cm, depth 22,5/16 cm

ca. 10 kg

The noise level, measured at ca. 200 thrusts/minute in average is at 53 decibel (distance to the machine 50 cm). The normal low volume is ca. 60 - 75 decibel.

Also deliverable in version "Sensation Men Power Edition" including wireless MC/RC Controller with endless microprocessor controlled random programs in different mode.

Item number: 0818

Fleshlight in several positions
Blowjob head Sylvie Noelle
Vibrating hand
360° view

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.