Quality assurance

The Magic Motion machines are TÜV tested (Technical Inspection Agency) and CE conform. The product complies in its design and construction with the basic safety and health requirements of the following European Directives and their successive amendments

EG (European Community) low voltage directive (73/23/EWG)
EG (European Community) guidline for electromagnetic compatibility (89/336/EWG)

For assessment of the product with regard to the compliance with the above-mentioned European directives the following standards were applied:

DIN EN 60742
DIN EN 55014
DIN EN 55104

Compared to many low-cost distributors HS Systeme only use CE compliant German quality products. The Magic Motion machines are working with a motor of a well-known German manufacturer with a lifetime of approximately 4,000 hours. Also all other electronic components come from renowned German productions.

After years of testing, we have developed a system that makes it possible to develop maximum power already with lowest voltage. All Magic Motion machines are outfitted with the proved propulsion technology, developed by HS Systeme. With this phase shift technology also at lowest voltage highest possible power will be generated and no minimum amperage or minimum number of revolutions is necessary for effective operation. Even at very low frequencies an impact force will be developed.

A ceramic ball joint in high-quality ensure a smooth and low-noise operation. The dildos and accessorries will be screwed on tightly.

Technical data:
- Input voltage: 230 Volt (110 Volt USA)
- Output voltage: 24 Volt
- Lifetime of the motor: up to 4,000 operating hours
- CE conform, TÜV tested
- RFI suppressed
- Registered at the "
Used Electronic Appliances Register" (EAR), Reg.-No. DE29266921

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.