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MC/RC sex machines

Magic Motion "Edition" series. MC/RC controlled sex machines - wireless with endless microprocessor controlled random programs.

The future is online !!

The new generation of our Magic Motion machines:
the "Edition" series with wireless MC/RC-Controller

New generation of Magic Motion sex machines resp. fucking machines is the most modern sex toy of this type worldwide. Let surprise and individual spoil yourself with our novelty.

Enjoy our new Magic Motion machines without interfere wire fully automatic and microprocessor controlled in all imaginable thrust intervallic. Experience thrust programs, which bring you soft to climax or with relentless persistent thrusts to multiple orgasm. Select "YOUR" program, close your eyes and leave the direction the MC/RC Controller.

Our sex machines of the Magic Motion MC/RC Edition series are working independent and fully automatic with multiple endless random programs, which will be generated by the Magic Motion MC/RC Controller. Of course a manual control is also possible.

The details:
- Wireless Magic Motion MC/RC Controller with a range of 10 m (no interfere wire between you and your machine).
- The controller is working fully independent and is generating new random programs again and again in different mode, which you have defined before.

1. Soft mode
The machine works (thrust) in a range of 0 and 35 % in different random intervallic and spoils you soft and tender.

2. Middle mode
The machine works (thrust) in a range of 30 and 60 % in different random intervallic and spoils you continuous to orgasm.

3. Hard mode
The machine works (thrust) in a range of 60 and 100 % in different random intervallic and bring you relentless with hard and strong thrusts to climax.

4. Surprise mode
The machine works (thrust) in a range of 0 and 60 % in different random intervallic. You can change in this mode the preset power of 60 % stepless to 70, 80, 90 or 100 % anytime, also during operation of the machine. With this mode you will have a "surprise program" with different thrust intervals from soft, middle up to extremely hard in case you have activated 80, 90 or 100 %.

5. Boost function
The machine accelerates immediately up to the maximum thrust frequency of the selected mode.

6. Hand control

In this mode you can operate the machine with the turning knob stepless from 0 to 100 % by hand.

All random programs are generating in the different mode new again and again and don't replicate. The micro controller keeps always the last generated random program in mind and generates a new one out of it.

Handling of the controller is very simple and uncomplicated by keypress: pressing knob - selecting of the desired mode by turning knob - again pressing knob.

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.