Functional principle of a sex machine

Here we would like to explain how a sex machine technically works: A motor moves with a rod a dildo back and forth. For this, a gear motor is required, which is developing a strong and consistent power for the natural resistance resulting from the use.

For example we take a standard 12 volt motor with a 3 Ampere power supply. These components are cheap, easy to buy and to process - but this motors have one big drawback: they do not provide adequate power. Why can’t this work with a 12 volt motor with 3 Ampere power supply? Now, the engine would be running with full power (if you even can speak about "power"), it means with full stroke, to move with 3 Ampere power supply a dildo passibly, whereupon the dildo must very light and small. A satisfactory vaginal or even anal masturbation is almost impossible.

Experience has shown that the average impact speed for a pleasant and long satisfaction is about 20 - 50 thrusts per minute. This means, if you want to reduce the speed (you want a slower thrust with the dildo) that you reduce the power to the motor. In turn this causes, that the motor which needs 12 volt for optimal operation, just gets 8, 5 or 3 volt and therefore it is absolute powerless, it even stops and in the worst case it will overload and goes defect.

Now you can try to solve the problem with "force" by using more powerful motors, such as 12-volt wiper motors from the automotive industry with a higher volt/amperage than 5, 8 or 10 amp technology to produce more power. The principle still remains the same. The slower the machine works (the less the motor gets power), the less is the power, because the maximum power will be only achieved with the needed power supply/amperage. You can see it in winter on your car when the battery is weak and operates under 12 volts - the wiper moves slowly and powerless.

Compared to other German products, but also to the Love Machine, the Louisiana Lounger fucking machine and the Wild Buck sex machine, produced in China, the propulsion technology of our Magic Motion sex machines differs considerably. HS Systeme has recognized the problem from the beginning. Our engineers have developed an electronic 24 Volt phase shift controlled system that produce already at lowest thrust frequency nearly the same power as if the engine would operate under maximum impact. Already at lowest thrust frequency a lifting power of about 2.5 Nm will be reached. I.e. even with our largest and heaviest dildos for example an anal satisfaction with minimal thrust frequency is possible without problems. Our Magic Motion sex machines are stepless adjustable with almost identical power. Another important factor is that we only use electromagnetically compatible (RFI suppressed) German quality motors with a lifespan of up to 4,000 hours (quality assurance).

HS Systeme - Advantage through experience
Magic Motion, the most advanced sex machines of its kind worldwide.

From many low-cost carriers copied, but in quality and reliability never reached :-)

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.