Fleshlight products

The Fleshlight is one of the less sextoys for men with 100 % satisfaction. This toy is exemplarly in manufacture as well as in stimulation and hygiene. If you warm it up and use sliding cream the material is 100 % comparable to a real vagina.

The Cyberskin® material of the Fleshlight is definitely the reality of the skin next material on the market. It quickly warms to body temperature, adapts to the soft, resilient human skin and feels besides the fact as human skin look even so on. The material is in its many forms an impressive replica of the respective body part of the human.

On the outward form of Cyberskin® the atoms bind with high elasticity. This means that the product is extensible and recovered by the memory of the atoms again and so can leak back into its original position. So the product with proper care will last a lifetime, without sacrificing its quality anything.

Even by the revolutionary, added molding process of Dual Density®, Cyberskin® products can perfectly simulate the softness of skin and the hardness of the spongy body and/or bones. In production, the molding machines use computer-controlled syringes, which will be used at any strategic point of the product to produce various densities of Cyberskin®. This means that you can recreate with Cyberskin® realistically products like a vagina, soft vulvas, as well as the hard bones in the genital region. With a penis, the imitation of the soft skin, combined with an erected body inside, the most realistic sexual accessory can be placed.

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.