About Us

HS Systeme has been established at beginning of the nineties by Helmut Schmitt. He has started with development and production of different products from the range of precision electronics. Step by step he works on further products and on one day in the middle of the nineties - more or less by some food for thought of one of his cutomers - he started with developping a sex maschine. After about one year the first fucking machine of the Magic Motion series was born. Herewith the long experience of the work with precision electronics was very helpful. This characterize the machines to date. Not leased the development of the powerful populsion technology (phase shift) results which all Magic Motion models are fitted with.

HS Systeme has started with two employees in a small office and with one cellar room for mounting. In the meantime all fields of the business like joinery, saddlery, electronic, precision mechanics and complete assembly are all under one roof. Up to now all machines are made handcraftet. Because of a very motivated, creativ and flexible staff HS Systeme is always able to respond to requirements of customers in short term and to improve, to expand oder develop new machines. Customers can buy the sets also in individual combinations.

Beginning of the year 2000 the German TV show "Wahre Liebe" (VOX) took note of the sex machines Magic Motion and shows the first report in TV, a second report has been sent end of 2000 in the "highlights of the year" of "Wahre Liebe". Different further TV channels, erotic film producer and also the writing guild follows and the brand Magic Motion was slowly well-known. On the world wide greatest erotic fair "VENUS" in Berlin/Germany, the Magic Motion machines were evaluated as the ultimate sex toy of twentyfirst century.

In the next years new models of the Magic Motion series came on the market and at the beginning of 2006 development of the exclusive and noble stool models startet - the Magic Motion Perfect, the strongest and state-of-the-art sex machine, was born. This machine was presented first on the VENUS 2006 and especially the American customers were very impressed and they confirmed that HS Systeme has definitely created the strongest and latest and because of the multiple possibles uses the most effective sex toy.

But Helmut Schmitt never stops development: 2010 he created the Magic Motion "Sensation", the first real masturbation machine for men with additional integrable thrust unit. This is designed that in addition to the sex toys offered by HS Systeme via the online shop www.magic-motion.de also a wide range of commercial sex toys can be used with. This model is available in several versions with different finesses.

End of 2015 HS Systeme has completely reorganized the Magic Motion online shop. Besides a new design, the shop was also technically retreaded and can now also be operated via smartphones, tablets etc. At the same time the range of products has been revised with new machines (e.g. the MM „Intruder“) and new exclusive accessories. The case series has been revolutionized. HS Systeme is moving away from lightweight plastic suitcases, towards to stable and more heavy cases of own production with comfortable equipment and very attractive design.

With pride Helmut Schmitt can claim that his company HS Systeme is one of the leading companies world-wide in production of high quality sex machines with state-of-the-art technology. In his online shop currently
10 different models in different versions for different needs and for the small and the larger purse are offered. Except for some of the accessories HS Systeme is exclusively using components from well-known German manufacturers. This is one reason that the company HS Systeme now has many pleased customers worldwide, because customers - even abroad - still set great emphasis on products "Made in Germany". Of course all machines are RFI supressed and complies with statutory regulations (WEEE registration, CE etc.)

Magic Motion is registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Magic Motion, leading through experience.

Magic Motion is a brand. The name is registered and trademarked at the German patent office in Munich.